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Turkmenistan Olympics 2017 - 5th Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games

Project brief:

Techsquare deployed, managed, and supported event network and IT services for more than 1000 users distributed over 2 stadiums in Ashgabat city – Turkmenistan.

Also, Techsquare built a complex fiber network to serve video content production and rendering farms.

Furthermore, Techsquare provided render farms and graphic workstations as part of its equipment rental service.

  • 40Gbps Optical fiber infrastructure, indoor/outdoor/corrugated/tactical single-mode backbone.
  • 10Gbps Ethernet backbone.
  • High-Density WIFI Solution
  • Equipment Rental
  • IT Design, Engineering, and technical support.
  • Ashgabat – Turkmenistan
AIMAG Ashgabat Turkmenistan 2019